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The calibre of a rodeo comes down to two things: the skill of the competitors and the quality of the horses, bulls and steers. The Calgary Stampede Rodeo features the world’s best rodeo athletes and the finest stock. Every afternoon at 1:15 competitors face off in a furious, action-packed display of skill and grit. Daily prizes build toward Wildcard Saturday and Showdown Sunday – “Rodeo’s Richest Afternoon.” You’ve never experienced anything like it!

Tournament-style rodeo

The Calgary Stampede Rodeo is the world’s richest tournament-style rodeo, featuring over $2 million in prize money. Contestants are divided into two pools. The top four money winners in each pool advance to Showdown Sunday. The remaining six competitors in each pool compete on Wild Card Saturday. The top two in each event advance to Showdown Sunday – Rodeo’s Richest Afternoon with over $1 million to be given away. It all leads up to a one shot, go-for-broke performance with winners taking home the Calgary Stampede Championship and $100,000.