Definitely the most dangerous event in rodeo, bull riding requires a positive attitude as a cowboy engages in a test of nerves against the bull.

A rope with a handhold braided in it is wrapped around the bull with a weighted cowbell hanging underneath, allowing the rope to fall free when the ride is complete. The rope is pulled snuggly around the bull's girth, and is kept tight only by the strength of the cowboy's grip.

During the ride, the cowboy tries to stay close up on the rope's handhold to prevent his arm from straightening and his hand from breaking loose. A bull rider is disqualified for touching the bull with his free hand or bucking off before the end of the eight-second ride. A rider is not required to move his feet because staying on these loose-hided animals is difficult enough. However, if a bull rider does spur, he will be marked higher.

Pool A

Chad Besplug

Claresholm, AB

Dakota Buttar

Kindersley, SK

Tanner Byrne

Prince Albert, SK

Claudio Crisostomo

Barro Alto, GO, Brazil

Marco Eguchi

Poa, Brazil

Chase Outlaw

Hamburg, AR

Scott Schiffner

Strathmore, AB

Tyler Smith

Fruita, CA

Pool B

Cooper Davis

Jasper, TX

LJ Jenkins

Porum, OK

Zane Lambert

Ponoka, AB

Mike Lee

Ft Worth, TX

Jory Markiss

Stephenville, TX

J.B. Mauney

Mooresville, NC

Cody Nance

Paris, TN

Ty Pozzobon

Merritt, BC

Joao Richardo Vieira

Itatinga, SP, Brazil