Ladies Barrel Racing

Barrel racing is the only women's event at the Calgary Stampede. As with tie-down roping, barrel racing requires close cooperation and teamwork between horse and rider.

In the barrel racing competition, contestants circle three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern. Time is marked with the use of an electronic eye timer. A rider may touch or even move a barrel. However, if she knocks over the barrel, a five-second penalty will be added to her total time.

Pool A

Shelly Anzick

Livingston, MT

Kaley Bass

Kissimmee, FL

Brenda Mays

Terrebonne, OR

Brittany Pozzi

Victoria, TX

Kim Schulze

Larkspur, CO

Kirsty White

Big Valley, AB

Pool B

Jana Bean

Hancock, TX

Sherry Cervi

Marana, AZ

Trula Churchill

Valentine, NE

Taylor Jacob

Carmine, TX

Laura Kennedy

Quitman, AR

Lisa Lockhart

Oelrichs, SD

Michele McLeod

Whitesboro, TX

Fallon Taylor

Whitesboro, TX

Jean Winters

Texline, TX