Saddle Bronc

Rhythm is the key in this event. The rider moves his feet from the horse’s neck in a full arc toward the back of the saddle in time with the bronc’s action. The cowboy must ride in a saddle built to CPRA specifications with a braided rein connected to the horse’s halter. The cowboy uses this rein for balance. Where a cowboy holds onto the rein is very important. If he takes too short of rein, he will be pulled over the front, too long he may be bucked off the back.

The rider will be disqualified for touching any part of the horse or his equipment with his free hand, losing a stirrup or being bucked off before the end of the eight-second ride.

Pool A

Jacobs Crawley

College Station, Texas

Sterling Crawley

College Station, Texas

Heith DeMoss

Heflin, LA

Isaac Diaz

Desdemona, TX

Rylan Geiger

Duchess, AB

Brad Harter

Weatherford, TX

Sam Kelts

Millarville, AB

Jake Wright

Milford, UT

Jesse Wright

Milford, UT

Pool B

Cody DeMoss

Heflin, LA

Chad Ferley

Oelrichs, SD

Dustin Flundra

Pincher Creek, AB

Chet Johnson

Sheridan, WY

Taos Muncy

Corona, NM

Cort Scheer

Elsmere, NE

Wade Sundell

Boxholm, IA

Cody Wright

Milford, UT