Steer Wrestling

Timing, coordination and strength are prerequisites for a steer wrestler. The steer wrestler starts behind a barrier, which is a rope stretched across the front of the starting box that is tripped by the steer crossing the score line giving it a head start. If the steer wrestler does not allow the steer a fair head start, a penalty of ten seconds is added to his time. The steer wrestler's horse is trained to run by as the steer wrestler reaches for the steer. The steer wrestler then grabs the steer's left horn, taking the right horn in the crook of his right elbow. As his feet hit the ground, with his legs extended forward, he slides the steer to a halt. (The steer must be on its feet before being thrown.)

Using his left hand as leverage under the steer's jaw, and the momentum of the running steer, the steer is rolled to the ground. The steer must be flat on its side with all four legs extended on the same side before the official time is taken. This event requires an extra horse ridden by a hazer, who keeps the steer running as straight as possible. Control and speed are required from both horses as they wait for their cue to start, then cover about 46 metres in four seconds from a standing start.

Pool A

Bray Armes

Grover, TX

Luke Branquinho

Los Alamos, CA

Billy Bugenig

Ferndale, CA

Casey Martin

Sulphur, LA.

Straws Milan

Cochrane, AB

Justin Miller

Neepawa, MB

Tyler Pearson

Lousiville, MS

Jake Rinehart

Highmore, SD

Wade Sumpter

Fowler, CO

Pool B

Stan Branco

Merced, CA

Cody Cassidy

Donalda, AB

Dean Gorsuch

Gering, NE

Morgan Grant

Granton, ON

Jule Hazen

Ashland, KA

Trevor Knowles

Mt Vernon, OR

Clayton Moore

Pouce Coupe, BC

Matt Reeves

Cross Plains, TX

Wyatt Smith

Rexburg, ID