Tie Down Roping

Tie-down roping is the most technical event in rodeo. It requires a unique partnership with a working horse and excellent hand eye coordination on the part of the cowboy.

The calf is always given a head start and releases the barrier with a breakaway cord when it reaches the end of that head start. If the roper leaves the box too early, he breaks the barrier and will be assessed a ten second penalty.

Once the calf is roped, the contestant relies on his horse to stop in a stride as he dismounts on the run to reach the animal, flank and tie three legs. While the roper makes the tie his horse works independently to keep the rope taught. Time is called when the roper throws his hands into the air signaling he is finished.

The calf remains tied while the roper re-mounts his horse and the time becomes official; arena helpers immediately move in to free the calf.

A great run is a well choreographed ballet. Any unnecessary roughness will result in disqualification.

Pool A

Tuf Cooper

Decatur, TX

Clint Cooper

Decatur, TX

Tyson Durfey

Colbert, WA

Ryan Jarrett

Comanche, OK

Chad Johnson

Del Bonita, AB

Timber Moore

Aubrey, TX

Clint Robinson

Spanish Fork, UT

Pool B

Nate Baldwin

Blackfoot, ID

Al Bouchard

Scandia, AB

Bradley Bynum

Sterling City, TX

Clif Cooper

Decatur, TX

Dean Edge

Rimbey, AB

Morgan Grant

Granton, ON

Shane Hanchey

Sulpher, LA

Matt Shiozawa

Chubbuck, ID

Sterling Smith

Stephenville, TX