Stampede Ranch

The Calgary Stampede Ranch covers a total of 23,000 acres and provides the Stampede with a beautiful natural environment for its renowned “Born to Buck” breeding program. Since 1961, the Ranch has built up its herd of rough stock horses to approximately 600, boasting the most elite athletes of the rodeo world. Bred for specific genetic traits, Calgary Stampede horses enjoy one of the most natural herd environments anywhere, raised for years on the land with minimal human contact and with a focus on natural herd social dynamics.  The herd feasts on a diet of free-range grass, oats and hay, and share their pastureland and meandering Bullpound Creek with indigenous species such as white tail and mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and many species of birds and small mammals.

The herd receives regular medical checkups and maintenance to keep them disease-free and strong. Around 200 horses from the herd compete in pro rodeos in any given year. The busiest will only buck 15 times in a year, spending just 30 days on the road travelling to the dozens of big international rodeos where Stampede Ranch is renowned for the world-class calibre, power and consistency of its competitive horses.

Cowboys know when they draw a Stampede Ranch horse, they’ve got a great opportunity at being in the money because the horse will do its’ half to score top points.