T-38 Timely Delivery

Born 2007 - Son of many-time CFR and NFR qualifier mare Z-38 Zippy Delivery, sired by six-time world champion Grated Coconut and raised by a surrogate mare. He is the full brother to Special Delivery, who was born a year earlier.

Timely Delivery is now six years old and is already two years into a successful pro rodeo career. Last year he qualified for the CFR, a rare honour for a five-year-old novice horse. Timely Delivery has also had a strong season so far in 2013, with a good shot of making it to the NFR. Cowboys love him for his consistently strong bucking pattern and the dramatic way he often rears up as he explodes out of the chutes with immediate strong kicks. In the pens and pastures, he is known for his very strong, individual temperament.