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Family Fun and Ranch Tours for Historic Calgary Week

The Calgary Stampede is a huge part of Calgary’s history and this year, we were pleased to participate in two events for Historic Calgary Week! Cassandra Cummings, historical specialist at the Calgary Stampede and OH Ranch tour guide. During the week which ran from July 31 – August 7, Chinook Country Historical Society (CCHS) presented 70 walks, talks, family events, museum and community visits. The Chinook Country Historical Society is a group of people dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of Canadian and Alberta history in Chinook Country for people of all ages. Organized in 1958 and incorporated in 1993, the CCHS covers the region from Olds to Nanton and from the BC border to the Saskatchewan border. The tour group learns about the history of OH Ranch! “We were happy to participate, sharing the Calgary Stampede’s history with a greater audience during a tour of the historic OH Ranch near Longview and at the Family Heritage Festival at the Genesis Centre,” said Cassandra Cummings, historical specialist at the Calgary Stampede. It was a beautiful day at OH Ranch! The tour at OH Ranch was led by Cassandra and featured the OH Ranch and its historic buildings, from 1883 to the […]

So, what does a historical specialist do?

Historical specialist, Cassandra Cummings I love my job at Calgary Stampede! But one of the big questions I get is… so, what do you actually do? I completely understand that- the Stampede might not seem like the traditional place to have a historian and a lot of my work is behind the scenes. But with more than 100 years of history, 48 committees and 2,300 volunteers and 1,500 year-round employees, there’s a lot of history to keep track of! One of my main responsibilities is taking care of our archives and collections. On Stampede Park we have an archive, where I collect and maintain important objects, photos, and records that help us tell the story of the Stampede. This means that I get to spend some time with some cool and unique objects like a pennant from the 1919 Victory Stampede, photographs of Guy Weadick, belt buckles, cowboy boots from past Stampede Queens and Princesses, trophies, souvenir programs etc. It’s my job to make sure that we take care of these historical items as best as possible. In addition, I also acquire new donations of objects and records we might be missing. We certainly don’t have everything of significance from […]