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Vegetarian in the Middle – my experience on Canada’s Agriculture Day!

“I didn’t know the Stampede hired vegetarians,” was one comment I received while attending the 2018 Meet in the Middle dinner celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day, Tuesday, February 13. “Well that’s why they call it The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!” I replied, “No matter what you’re interested in, there’s something for everyone at the Calgary Stampede.” The second annual Meet in the Middle Event was held on Tuesday, February 13, in honour of Canada’s Agriculture Day, at Willow Lane Barn (pictured above)near Olds, Alberta. This is an event is organized by ATB and the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance, in conjunction with several commodity and Agricultural industry groups across Alberta, including the Calgary Stampede.  Producers, and other involved in Agribusiness, enjoyed the opportunity to network and connect with consumers while enjoying great local dining options. All food served was from Alberta. Although this seems second-nature to me, being vegetarian in Alberta is often thought of as out of the ordinary, especially when the province is known for its famous Alberta Beef. But after my incredible, locally-produced dining experience, my thoughts are further solidified that Alberta’s agriculture industry is a fantastic provider of top quality products, no matter your choice.   This is the first […]

Works of art that will tell stories for generations to come find new homes in Sweetgrass Lodge

“It’s exciting and inspiring that these art pieces were created in a public forum where Stampede guests could watch them come to life,” Roc Spence, Calgary Stampede board member and long-time supporter of the Calgary Stampede Foundation, said while attending the private unveiling of two donated art pieces to ENMAX Park’s Sweetgrass Lodge. “Stampede Park has a lot of great public art pieces, but there’s something so captivating about watching pageantry in play.” Amy Dryer and Bonnie MacRae-Kilb were participants of the Calgary Stampede’s 2016 Artist Ranch Project, where they had the unique privilege of creating works of art in the hustle and bustle of Stampede Park, during the first official Indian Village Opening Ceremonies in Indian Village’s new home in ENMAX Park. Left: Amy Dryer’s Sound of Thunder Right, Top: Bonnie MacRae-Kilb’s We Are All Treaty People Right, Bottom: Roc Spence, Cieran Starlight, Amy Dryer, Bonnie MacRae-Kilb Spence was immediately drawn to MacRae-Kilb’s piece; he decided to purchase it and donate it to the Calgary Stampede Foundation. Dryer’s experience was so meaningful that she knew the only suitable home for the piece would be at Stampede Park, thus she also chose to donate her piece to the Stampede Foundation. […]